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Gloriously Out of Place

This collection of resources is part of the Center for Congregations Season 3, Episode 10 podcast: Gloriously Out of Place.

Center for Congregations Associate Director for Evaluation Kelly Minas joins Ben Tapper and Matt Burke to discuss the importance of evaluation, metrics, and analytics for congregational life.


3 Resources
Beyond Hospitality
This article reflects on hospitality and the stranger through the lens of immigration,...
book Updated
Interfaith Leadership
This book offers a straightforward framework to get started in interfaith collaboration.
Interfaith Youth Core
This organization offers training and online learning to build interfaith leaders.

About the Contributor

Joe Johns and So Min Oo

Joe Johns is the former pastor of Fellowship Missionary Church in Fort Wayne, Ind., and So Min is the secretary of Masjid Noor ul-Islam (Burmese Muslim Education and Community Center) also in Fort Wayne. 

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