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Healing Hearts and Souls

Is your congregation a community of healing? Life is difficult. We are broken in so many ways. Yet, hope abides. Now more than ever, people of faith and congregations are finding solace (and wellness) via new ways of thinking about healing hearts and souls. Browse these resources about healing hearts and souls and see if one matches where you are and where those in your congregation are at this moment.


5 Resources
From the Staff From the Staff
Good News and Bad News about Congregational Decline
For many, the condition of United States congregations and denominations is worse than reported...
S1 E3: Do we have to hide our pain?
Hillary McBride joins Ben and Matt to talk about how congregations can be places of healing for those dealing with mental health issues. We explore Hillary's own experience...
Everything Happens for a Reason - and Other Lies I've Loved
Seminary professor, Kate Bowler, describes her experience with a life-threatening disease...
Bringing Our Pain to God: biblical lament in worship
This article describes biblical lament in real congregations and explores how Christians can...
The Power of Ritual: Turning Everyday Activities into Soulful Practices
This book explores how we can nourish our souls by transforming common, everyday...
Healing the Healers
This series of short videos offers peer support for faith leaders who respond to...


Tim Shapiro

Tim Shapiro is the Indianapolis Center’s president. He began serving the Center in 2003 after 18 years in pastoral ministry. For 14 years, Tim served Westminster Presbyterian Church in Xenia, Ohio. Prior to his pastorate at Westminster, he was pastor of Bethlehem Presbyterian Church in Logansport, Indiana. He holds degrees from Purdue University and Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

Tim’s interest in how congregations learn to do new things is represented in his book How Your Congregation LearnsAfter his extensive work on the Center’s Sacred Space initiative, Tim co-authored the book Holy Places: Matching Sacred Space with Mission and MessageHe has also authored several articles, including Applying Positive Deviance and The Congregation of Theological Coherence.

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