Resources for Asian-American Congregations

Unique resources by and for Asian-American congregations.


6 Resources
Asian American Christian Collaborative
This ecumenical organization highlights various Asian American experiences and provides resources to explore racial justice and personal identity.
But I Don't See You as Asian: Curating Conversations about Race
Written by a third generation Chinese-Filipino and experienced leader of multi-cultural congregations, this resource uses statements people commonly make about race to serve as entry points for conversations on this important subject.
Growing Healthy Asian American Churches
Written by Asian American authors and pastors, this resource provides various biblical perspectives for honoring culture while responding to younger generations and the unchurched, offering eight biblically informed values to follow.
Honoring the Generations: Learning with Asian North American Congregations
This resource explores opportunities for ministry in the Asian North American Christian community, offering practical resources and theological thought for church ministry with any ethnic group.
It's Lonely Being a Liberal Asian-American Christian
This article explores the intersection of Asian-American culture and Christianity, why many maintain conservative faith beliefs, and the dissonant experience of liberal Asian-Americans.
Out of Silence: Emerging Themes in Asian American Churches
Based on interviews, research, and surveys, this resource considers three types of Asian American churches, presenting the multicultural congregation as the ideal model for community building.

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Aaron Spiegel directs the Congregational Resource Guide and is Center for Congregations’ information technology director. He is a rabbi, author, and president of the Synagogue Studies Institute.

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