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Shades of Hope

These top resource picks help the church engage in racial justice work. Listen along with two pastors on the Shades of Hope podcast where they share raw, genuine, and hopeful conversations for racial justice and the church.


8 Resources
Begin Again: James Baldwin's America
This book explores James Baldwin's life and writings while offering tangible applications for...
Divided by Faith: Evangelical Religion and the Problem of Race in America
This grace-filled book calls White Christians to recognize that well-intentioned actions...
How to Fight Racism
Award-winning author Jemar Tisby provides tools for Christians to discuss and take action...
web resource
Letter from Birmingham Jail
This historic letter from the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. discusses nonviolent protest,...
Pass the Mic
This weekly podcast from The Witness Black Christian Collective offeres engaging interviews...
Prophetic Lament: A Call For Justice In Troubled Times
This text unpacks the book of Lamentations, providing historical context and practical...
The Color of Compromise: The Truth about the American Church's Complicity in Racism
This book and accompanying DVD calls for honest reflection and urgent steps to undo racist...
White Too Long
This book outlines the history of American Christianity and how it contributes to racial...

Guest Contributor

Clarence Moore and Jeff Krajewski

Dr. Clarence C. Moore is lead pastor at New Era Church in Indianapolis, where he has provided leadership for 30 years. He is a founder and leader of community organizations such as Northside New Era Community Outreach Corporation, the Ten Point Coalition, and Faith In Indiana. Pastor Jeff Krajewski received his call to ministry and was ordained at Traders Point Christian Church. Jeff started Common Ground Church in Broad Ripple in 2001, where he has served as the midtown lead pastor for 20 years.

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