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The Joys of Evaluation

This collection of resources is part of the Center for Congregations Season 3, Episode 9 podcast: The Joys of Evaluation.

Center for Congregations Associate Director for Evaluation Kelly Minas joins Ben Tapper and Matt Burke to discuss the importance of evaluation, metrics, and analytics for congregational life.


4 Resources
web resource
This website offers guides to improve evaluation practices like surveys, group activities, and...
Completing the Circle: Reviewing Ministries in the Congregation
This book outlines an easy-to-follow process churches can use to more effectively evaluate...
How to Shape Your Church's Culture
This article from LifeWay provides an introduction to understanding what defines church...
Projects That Matter: Successful Planning and Evaluation for Religious Organizations
This book describes a six-step process for designing and implementing a project evaluation,...


Kelly Minas

Kelly Minas designs and directs evaluation processes for grants, resource consulting, and educational programs at the Center for Congregations. Kelly received an undergraduate degree in American culture from Vassar College, where she was active in interfaith work on campus, and a master’s degree in contemporary sociology from the University of Leicester in England.

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