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Welcoming All Abilities


7 Resources
web resource
Church Hospitality Audit
The Hospitality Audit is a free web resource designed by Chris Walker, Presbyterian pastor and...
The ADA Companion Guide: Understanding Accessibility Guidelines and Architectural Barriers
This resource specializes in understanding the American with Disabilities and Architectural...
Welcoming the Elderly
This 5 minute video lists facility improvements that can enhance an older person's experience...
Anabaptist Disabilities Network
This organization provides online and print resources for those with disabilities and mental...
Welcoming People with Developmental Disabilities and Their Families: A Practical Guide for...
This short booklet contains helpful information and practical strategies to aid congregations...
web resource
Ruderman Synagogue Inclusion Project Resources and Solutions
This web page lists 40 practical inclusion resources with tips, examples and templates to...
Beyond Hospitality
This article reflects on hospitality and the stranger through the lens of immigration,...

About the Contributor

Kate White

Kate is the associate director for resources at the Center for Congregations. She manages educational resources and works to get the best resources into the hands of congregations.

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