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Who Are You? Marketing and Branding for Congregations

This collection of resources is part of the Center for Congregation Season 3, Episode 5 podcast: Who Are You? Marketing and Branding for Congregations.

Pastor Manuel Corazzari joins podcast hosts Matt Burke and Ben Tapper to discuss marketing and branding for congregations including the importance of knowing your unique identity.


3 Resources
Less Chaos. Less Noise: Effective Communications for an Effective Church
Written by a communications expert, this book sharpens congregational practices to better...
web resource
Pro Church Tools
This hub for digital media provides training, tutorials, free templates and tools for...
Led by bestselling author Donald Miller, this organization makes marketing clear and simple...

About the Contributor

Manuel Corazzari

Manuel Corazzari is the pastor of East Chicago Church and the founder/CEO of Crown Media Group. 

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