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Worship as the Work of the People

This collection of resources is part of the Center for Congregation Season 3, Episode 3 podcast: Worship as the Work of the People.

David Gungor joins podcast hosts, Ben Tapper and Matt Burke, to talk about how worship is more than just singing together. He also discusses how congregations are an integrated community where the gifts of the members are used to uplift the community and the importance of authentic relationship among all.


3 Resources
50 Ways to Increase Active Engagement -Lewis Center
This article has strategies to recruit, motivate, organize, and equip volunteers.
Calvin Institute of Christian Worship
This center offers worship resources such as grants, events, online tools for worship...
Fresh Expressions
This organization helps local faith leaders create new kinds of church and meet modern...

Guest Contributor

David Gungor

David Gungor is the Associate Pastor at Good Shepherd New York. He and John Arndt make up the music duo The Brilliance. 

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