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Leadership in the 21st Century


4 Resources
Dare to Lead
This book by Brene Brown shares research about brave leadership, four skills to lead boldly,...
Twelve Characteristics for Effective 21st Century Ministry
This short article comments on pastoral leadership and highlights 12 leadership skills of...
Unite For Change
This Indianapolis-based organization supports community engagement and servant leadership to...
When Better Isn't Enough: Evaluation Tools for the 21st Century Church
This book offers a 3-step process for effective congregational leadership evaluations,...

Guest Contributor

Falicia Brewer

Falicia Brewer is president of the leadership and management consulting firm Brewer & Associates. Falicia is a national trainer and has additional education in facilitation and fundraising management. She has conducted several workshops for the Center for Congregations, including the most recent Leadership in the 21st Century. 

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