10 Reasons to Consider Purchasing an Existing Building for Your Church Expansion or Relocation Project

by Brian Kluth. kluth.org. Accessed July 2, 2019.
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“I believe there are companies that have built wonderful facilities in prime locations that are now sitting empty because God has destined them for community-shaping and life-impacting churches.” When it’s time to create more space for a growing congregation, Pastor and generosity speaker, Kluth, argues that the best option might already be built. In this article he makes the case for seeking out vacant commercial facilities. His reasons are compelling. For example, an existing facility will already have met zoning requirements and dealt with any neighborhood resistance. It is likely in a high-visibility location with plenty of parking. In many, communities, such properties are a bargain compared with land purchase and new construction. In addition, re-purposing an existing building can result in faster occupancy and therefore reduced “drag time” for the congregation’s ministry. Leaders looking for an agile and cost-effective approach will welcome what Kluth offers here.

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