101 Ways to Reach Your Community

by Steve Sjogren. Navpress, 2000.
Large 101 ways to reach your community

This book describes 101 different acts of kindness that a congregation could provide people in its local community. The author served for years as lead pastor of a Vineyard Community Church in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. He teaches that congregations can be outwardly focused through service. Such service, Sjorgren asserts, should be relevant, fun, and externally focused. Some of the ideas are straightforward. For example, there are several “giveaway” ideas. Some of the ideas are novel. For instance, a “Free Prayer” Table at Fairs and Bike Fix-Up Clinic. The main point is to encourage your congregation to reach out to others. A small congregation could take on most of the ideas as a whole unit. For larger congregations, the ideas are probably best managed by teams, committees; subgroups within the congregation. One outcome of reading the book is that you will be inspired to come up with your own service ideas.