50 Ways to Help Save the Earth: How You and Your Church Can Make a Difference

by Rebecca Barnes-Davies. Westminster John Knox Press, 2009.
Large 50 ways to help save earth

Congregations and individuals looking for spiritual direction and practical tools for addressing the causes of climate change will find both in this engaging guide. Environmental activist and Christian educator, Barnes-Davies, gives readers concrete steps they can take to nurture the planet’s health, with chapters on such topics as water, energy, transportation and food. Each of seven topic areas comes with seven “things to do”. For example, the chapter on energy recommends supporting renewables, and gives the reader numerous “How-to’s” ranging from the simple to the complex (drying clothes outside, buying a solar oven, and installing solar panels). These are followed by scripture readings, reflection questions, and story sidebars highlighting what model congregations are doing. 50 Ways can serve as a devotional resource for a year of action and reflection for individuals, households, and small groups.