7 Epic Youth Ministry Mistakes: How Many is Your Church Making?

by Mark DeVries. Ministry Architects, 2017.

Mark DeVries has been a youth minister long enough to know a thing or two about the pitfalls of youth ministry. In this brief and visually pleasing e-book, the founder of Ministry Architects discusses common mistakes congregations make - and how to avoid them. For example, congregations repeatedly err in hiring a youth minister with his or her own vision rather than someone who can support the congregation’s. Another mistake is working hard to re-engage older, inactive youth without offering them avenues to lead and grow toward adulthood. It’s fine to make mistakes, DeVries asserts. Just avoid these predictable ones and err in ways that propel the ministry forward. The e-book is free. Readers can access a youth ministry assessment (regularly $40) and a half-hour coaching session for $10. Any congregation taking a look at youth ministry and certainly those thinking about hiring a youth minister can benefit from DeVries’ offering.