99 Ways to Raise Spiritually Healthy Children

by Kathleen Long Bostrom. Westminster John Knox Press, 2010.
Large 99 ways to raise spiritualy healthy children

Way #1: “Be a Pretty Good Parent. You don’t have to be perfect.” With the pressure off at the very beginning, Kathleen Long Bostrom, author, co-pastor, and mother of three, invites parents and their children to embark on a journey toward deeper family communication and intentional action. The “ways” are simple yet far-reaching, touching on the many occasions where faith intersects with family life. The table of contents doubles as a checklist, with space to mark off the 99 things as the family works through them. The format includes a featured “way”, a reflection that explains why this “way” matters, one or more related Bible verses, and a “to be continued” question for further thought and conversation. Not just for households with children, families of all ages can use the “99 Ways” to prompt faith conversations in the home. This resource can also be used in retreat and small group settings. Available only in e-book format.

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