Ark Encounter

Williamstown, KY. (855) 284-3275

The Ark Encounter features a full-size Noah's Ark, built according to the dimensions given in the Bible.


exhibits; speaker presentations; hands-on activities; education; dining

Best For

Any congregational member interested in the story of Noah and the Ark


Varies per service

Suggested Uses

  • See the Bible come alive.
  • Explore what Noah's life may have been like.
  • Learn how Noah might have cared for all the animals.
  • Learn what happened to Noah, the animals, and the earth after the flood.

About the Contributor

Eunita Booker

Eunita Booker has provided administrative support for the northeast Center since 2006. She enjoys welcoming, providing hospitality and interacting with all guests of the Center. She has been an active member at Dupree Memorial Church of God In Christ for more than 15 years. A published author, Eunita enjoys spending time with her family and writing children’s books in her spare time.

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