Barada Associates, Inc.

Rushville, IN. (866) 400-1663


This organization provides background checks and pre-employment screening services such as court records, criminal history, drug and alcohol testing, and reference checking.


background checks, pre-employment screening, drug and alcohol testing

Recommended Audience

Clergy and lay leaders


Varies per service

Practical Applications

  • Pre-screen volunteers with background checks by utilizing this website.
  • Use background checks, drug and alcohol tests, and reference checking services before your congregation hires new children's ministry workers, camp counselors, bus drivers, and other volunteers or staff.

About the Contributor

Sandra Herron

Sandra Herron is the founding principal and owner of MiddlEdge, Inc., a management consultancy dedicated to helping congregations align their strategy, people, structure, and processes to achieve their vision. She is an experienced adult educator, trainer and facilitator in academic, community, corporate and ministry settings.

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