Becoming an Anti-racist Church: Journeying Toward Wholeness

by Joseph Barndt. Fortress Press, March 2011.


This powerful book explains racism in the American church and outlines practical strategies to become an anti-racist congregation.


the history of racism in American churches, levels of institutionalized racism, reflection questions, how to assess racism in your church, phases to dismantle racism, examples

Recommended Audience

congregations planning to dismantle racis


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Practical Applications

  • Move toward becoming an anti-racist congregation by using the assessment and suggested phases.
  • Dismantle racist structures in your congregation by following suggestions in five areas: personnel, programs and services, members and community, organizational structure, and mission and identity.

About the Contributor

McKenzie Scott Lewis

A Baptist minister, McKenzie Scott Lewis’ faith experience ranges from Methodist, Church of God in Christ, Charismatic to Baptist. He has taught at IUPUI, served as corporate diversity director at Wellpoint Inc, coordinated diversity and inclusion efforts at Clarian Health Partners and served as CEO and chief cultural strategist for The MSL Group. He brings energy and experience to engage listeners from all walks of life.

A graduate of DePauw University, McKenzie has written extensively in his area of expertise, including the articles “Building Boardroom Trust” from the July 2009 Leadership Ventures Newsletter; “Editorial on Diversity” in the November 2008 Indiana Business Journal (IBJ); “Clarian Health Partners: United We Thrive” in the April 2007 issue of DiversityInc, Magazine; and “Helping Diversity to Grow Up” in New York Voice/Harlem USA October 1997 edition.

Formerly the director of the Center’s Northwest office in Crown Point, McKenzie Scott Lewis is the director of a new Center for Congregations project: Congregations with Communities.

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