Before You Hire a Youth Pastor: A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding the Right Fit

by Mark DeVries, Jeff Dunn-Rankin. Group Publishing, Inc., 2011.


This book offers how-to information to hire a youth pastor, ranging from sample job descriptions to how to conduct an interview.


forming a search committee, sample job descriptions, letter templates, spreadsheets, conducting an interview, additional Before You Hire a Youth Pastor Resource Pack available

Recommended Audience

Clergy and youth leaders of any faith tradition


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Practical Applications

  • Mobilize your congregation to find a good candidate by following steps on how to form a search committee.
  • Approach the interview process with confidence by consulting this text.

About the Contributor

Marie Fleming

Marie Fleming was a contract resource consultant for the Center for Congregations. Her consulting practice includes congregation-based Permaculture Design and equipping congregations for creation care.

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