Bradley Angle Healing Roots Program

Portland, OR.


This organization provides culturally specific and responsive services for Black and African American survivors of domestic violence.


Safe space for survivors; access to resources that promote healing and connection; individualized advocacy; support groups; family support

Recommended Audience

African American clergy and lay leaders



Practical Applications

  • Share this program to provide support for Black/African American survivors of domestic abuse, and their children.
  • Avail your congregation of the tailored services offered by the Bradley Angle Healing Roots Program in order to meet the unique needs of LGBTQIA+ domestic abuse survivors.
Refer congregants who are experiencing housing instability due to domestic violence to the housing assistance program of the Bradley Angle Healing Roots Program. Make recommendations to domestic abuse survivors who could benefit from the financial education, jobs, and savings resources that the Bradley Angle Healing Roots Program offers.

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