Children's Ministry in the Way of Jesus

by David M. Csinos, Ivy Beckwith. InterVarsity Press, 2013.


This resource draws from the authors' experience in addition to a range of traditional and popular sources to explain what a children's ministry could look like and why it matters.


anecdotes, theological and biblical reflection, research, observations on popular culture, questions for conversation

Recommended Audience

clergy, lay leaders, and children's ministry leader


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Practical Applications

  • Re-evaluate your children's ministry after reading this resource by using the "Questions for Conversation" to guide discussion.
  • Develop a children's ministry that will nurture faith formation in young children by employing the techniques and ideas in this resource.

About the Contributor

Marie Fleming

Marie Fleming was a contract resource consultant for the Center for Congregations. Her consulting practice includes congregation-based Permaculture Design and equipping congregations for creation care.

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