Church Marketing 101: Preparing Your Church for Greater Growth

by Richard Reising. Baker Books, 2006.

This resource lends practical marketing strategies for congregations, using examples from real-life and the Bible to highlight potential pitfalls and what types of messages congregations want to send.


examples from the Bible, target markets, branding, church vision, assessment questions, how and what a church is communicating, mistakes to avoid

Best For

clergy and lay leaders of any faith tradition


purchase as a book or e-book

Suggested Uses

  • Appoint a marketing director or form a marketing team to implement some of the strategies found in the book.
  • Use the assessment questions to evaluate what types of messages your congregation may be sending, even inadvertently, and tweak your marketing techniques to communicate more effectively.

About the Contributor

Janet Hoover

Janet Hoover is a certified spiritual director in private practice and an American Baptist pastor. She graduated from the University of Indianapolis and earned her MDiv and DMin from Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis. 

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