Church Music Institute

Dallas, TX. (214) 751-7669

This organization is dedicated to holistically promoting the health of church music in worship by lifting up its importance and providing practical educational experiences for church musicians, clergy, and lay people.


workshops, seminars, training for organists, choir directors, planning sessions, online library of reviewed church music compositions

Best For

clergy and lay leaders


varies by service

Suggested Uses

  • Find music compositions for your congregation by searching through an online library of church music compositions by voicings, liturgical reference, scripture, and more.
  • Find information about educational opportunities that could help your congregation's musicians, such as training for organists and choir directors, and planning sessions for pastors and musicians according to the liturgical year.

About the Contributor

Tim Shapiro

Tim Shapiro is the Indianapolis Center’s president. He began serving the Center in 2003 after 18 years in pastoral ministry. For 14 years, Tim served Westminster Presbyterian Church in Xenia, Ohio. Prior to his pastorate at Westminster, he was pastor of Bethlehem Presbyterian Church in Logansport, Indiana. He holds degrees from Purdue University and Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

Tim’s interest in how congregations learn to do new things is represented in his book How Your Congregation LearnsAfter his extensive work on the Center’s Sacred Space initiative, Tim co-authored the book Holy Places: Matching Sacred Space with Mission and MessageHe has also authored several articles, including Applying Positive Deviance and The Congregation of Theological Coherence.

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