Fundraising Guide

Partners for Sacred Places.


This guide aids congregational leaders with fundraising planning, such as deciding whether to begin a capital campaign, how to engage community funders, and information on hiring professional fundraisers.


examples of historic preservation projects, steps to evaluate your congregation’ s situation and make decisions about moving forward

Recommended Audience

clergy, facility managers, and capital campaign committees, especially with older houses of worship



Practical Applications

  • Learn about conducting a facility conditions survey to prioritize building repairs and necessary funds.
  • Discern whether to hire a professional fundraiser by learning the key elements of a capital campaign.

About the Contributor

Kara Faris

Kara Faris is the Center’s director of resource grants and resource consulting, as well as a resource consultant to congregations. She previously served for eight years as the Center’s education director.

Before working at the Center, Kara served First Friends Meeting of Indianapolis as associate pastor. With a degree in marketing from Butler University’s College of Business Administration and a master of divinity degree from Christian Theological Seminary, Kara brings a blend of pragmatism, intuition and passion for lifelong learning to the Center. Kara has authored Including Laity in Education Events Empowers Congregations and co-authored the book Divergent Church.

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