Generational IQ: Christianity Isn't Dying, Millennials Aren't the Problem, and the Future Is Bright

by Haydn Shaw, Ginger Kolbaba. Tyndale House Publishers, 2015.

This book looks at generational realities through a faith lens, exploring the ways congregations can bring younger and older generations together using universal responses.


generational realities, empowering older generations with a renewed vocation, the importance of listening

Best For

Clergy and lay leaders


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Suggested Uses

  • Learn new ways to empower and renew older generations within your congregation by reading the "second adulthood" section of this resource and applying its ideas to your ministry.
  • Bridge generational communication gaps by using universal responses that work for people of all ages.

About the Contributor

Marie Fleming

Marie Fleming was a contract resource consultant for the Center for Congregations. Her consulting practice includes congregation-based Permaculture Design and equipping congregations for creation care.

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