Getting to Amen: 8 Strategies for Managing Conflict in the African American Church

by Laura-Ellen McKinney. Judson Press, 2005.


This book addresses the unique characteristics of conflict in African American congregations, revealing the eight strategies for managing conflict, and identifying divisive issues.


case studies, additional resources, eight strategies for managing conflict, five common divisive issues

Recommended Audience

clergy and lay leaders of African American churche


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Practical Applications

  • Establish a strategy for managing conflict by drawing upon insight from the first section of this book and case studies.
  • Understand how to address the five topics that commonly cause congregational conflict in African American churches.

About the Contributor

Wendy McCormick

Wendy McCormick is the Center for Congregations’ southwest Indiana director. She has an interest in congregational fundraising and stewardship, including planned giving.

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