God and Race: A Guide for Moving Beyond Black Fists and White Knuckles

by John Siebeling, Wayne Francis. HarperOne, 2022.

This book models how to start necessary conversations about race, encourage unity, and foster mutual respect.


insights from two pastors of racially diverse congregations; their experiences as a Black pastor and a White pastor; racial tension from both perspectives; answers to uncomfortable questions about the church, ourselves, family, work and relationships; study guide and videos

Best For

clergy and leaders seeking to have conversations about race in their congregations


purchase as book, e-book or audio book

Suggested Uses

  • Gain insight into race and racism in our culture and especially in the church.
  • Discover practical steps to dialog about race and theology.

About the Contributor

Kara Faris

Kara Faris is the Center for Congregation’s director of resource grants and resource consulting, as well as a resource consultant to congregations. 

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