How to Care for the Elderly Without Putting them at Risk of Coronavirus

by Shafaq Zia. March 12, 2020.


In this article, the chief medical officer at AARP offers advice for common COVID-19 questions and how to support elderly loved ones.


question-and-answer style article, protecting against illness, connecting through social media, keeping active at home

Recommended Audience

congregational leaders from any faith tradition



Practical Applications

  • Make a plan to support elderly members of your congregation during a public health crisis by reading this article.
  • Encourage good quarantine practices for your members who are caring for elderly loved ones by discussing this information.

About the Contributor

Kelly Minas

Kelly Minas designs and directs evaluation processes for grants, resource consulting, and educational programs at the Center for Congregations. Kelly received an undergraduate degree in American culture from Vassar College, where she was active in interfaith work on campus, and a master’s degree in contemporary sociology from the University of Leicester in England.

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