Including People with Disabilities in Faith Communities: A Guide for Service Providers, Families and Congregations

by Erik Carter. Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co., 2007.

This resource helps support congregations in their quest towards becoming places of welcome and belonging for people with disabilities.


breaking down barriers to inclusion, inclusive religious education programs, strengths and needs of people with disabilities, implementing inclusion activities, creating welcoming environments

Best For

clergy and lay leaders of any faith tradition


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Suggested Uses

  • Reflect and assess how welcoming your congregation is for people with disabilities and their families by sharing this resource with your congregation's hospitality team.
  • Develop more inclusive religious programs by implementing the strategies described in this resource.

About the Contributor

Kara Faris

Kara Faris is the Center for Congregation’s director of resource grants and resource consulting, as well as a resource consultant to congregations. 

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