Irresistible Church Network

Alpharetta, GA.

This organization strives to unite mission-minded churches in a network to create an irresistible church environment for those far from God.


Monthly one-on-one coaching for lead pastors; full church partnership offers coaching for all staff, call groups, idea sharing, and content site with ideas and solutions; Working Genius assessment for staffing and volunteer recruitment challenges, also offers certification in Working Genius program; international network; weekly emails

Suggested Uses

  • Use the assessment tool to see where your church can benefit from staffing and volunteer recruitment ideas.
  • Learn from monthly one-on-one coaching with other experienced lead pastors.
  • Subscribe for group call sessions with the entire staff to learn from ideas and solutions other mentors have used when faced with similar challenges.

About the Contributor

Eunita Booker

Eunita has provided administrative support for the northeast Center since 2006. She enjoys welcoming, providing hospitality and interacting with…

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