Knowing When to Re-evaluate Your Organizational Structure: Insights from Fast-Moving Churches on Where to Begin

by Kristin Walters. Leadership Network, February 18, 2013.

This article studies examples of churches facing organizational staffing issues and how to make structural changes, specifically focusing on larger or multi-site congregations.


how to avoid staff burnout and stagnation, examples of how other congregations remodeled their organizational structure

Best For

Christian or Jewish clergy, lay leaders



Suggested Uses

  • Ensure the congregation's mission and goals align with the roles of staff by sharing this article with congregation leaders.
  • Learn how to revamp and make staff changes by studying examples of successful congregations.

About the Contributor

Sandra Herron

Sandra Herron is the founding principal and owner of MiddlEdge, Inc., a management consultancy dedicated to helping congregations align their strategy, people, structure, and processes to achieve their vision. She is an experienced adult educator, trainer and facilitator in academic, community, corporate and ministry settings.

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