Lessons in Belonging from a Church-Going Commitment Phobe

by Erin Lane. InterVarsity Press, 2015.

This memoir recounts one millennial feminist's approach to life in the Christian community and her struggle to find a sense of belonging, touching on universal themes like the importance of showing up, vulnerability, and illusions in community.


pitfalls for congregations trying to include young people, culture, adapting for the 21st century

Best For

clergy, lay leaders, and congregants


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Suggested Uses

  • Start a conversation about topics like practicing charity, vulnerability, and giving of oneself, by using this book in a small group study.
  • Consider how individual actions correlate to culture change within a congregation by reading about the experience of one woman and her struggle to find a sense of belonging.

About the Contributor

Melissa Spas

Melissa Spas is the managing director of the Lake Institute on Faith & Giving, where she develops and leads educational programs and partnerships with religious organizations and the people who lead them. She has also worked for leadership education at Duke Divinity, where she contributed to the development, design, and delivery of strategic leadership programs and resources for Christian institutions. 

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