Maximum Generosity: Inspiring Open-Handed Giving in a Tight-Fisted World

Brian Kluth has created this site in order to aid congregations, nonprofits, parachurch organizations and denominations in approaching financial matters.


1,000+ web pages; information; best practices; scriptural insights on money; preaching help; sermons; audio messages; flyers and links to numerous other resources; online store; mentoring

Best For

clergy and lay leaders


free and for purchase

Suggested Uses

  • Incorporate a deeper understanding and expert approach to money matters within your congregation.
  • Provide mentoring to your congregation or individuals for a fee.

About the Contributor

Matt Burke
Matt Burke is the director of the Northeast Center for Congregations in Fort Wayne and serves as the Center’s Education Director statewide. Matt has a background in classroom, digital and experiential education. He is passionate about using education to develop deeper faith in congregational participants.
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