Meditations of the Heart

by Howard Thurman. Beacon Press, 1999.


This classic collection of meditations provide clergy and laity with a source of inspiration and sustenance.


the gift of humor, personal responsibility, reflecting on the blessings of the previous year, righteousness, unity with God, human relationships, endurance, pain and sorrow

Recommended Audience

Clergy and lay leaders


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Practical Applications

  • Develop a retreat centered around this resource by discussing its insights on human relationships and unity with God, focusing on how this text applies to daily life.
  • Apply teachings of this resource to your life by using this book as a personal devotion.

About the Contributor

Beth Booram

Beth Booram is the co-founder and director of Fall Creek Abbey, an urban retreat center in Indianapolis dedicated to “renewing the contemplative spirit.” In addition, she is a trained spiritual director and author of several books including When Faith Becomes Sight. Beth worked for five years on contract as a resource consultant with the Center for Congregations. 


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