National Leadership Roundtable on Church Management

Washington, DC. (202) 635-5820

This organization offers resources, guides, and a week-long conference focusing on management excellence and best practices in administration, finance, and human resources.


Standards for Excellence documents, ChurchEpedia resource collection, parish assessment tool, performance appraisal manual, week-long conference

Best For

clergy and lay leaders, especially Catholic


varies by service

Suggested Uses

  • Read and share the Three Standards for Excellence documents with your congregation, to learn about guiding principles to strengthen your congregation's governance and operations.
  • Encourage management excellence among your congregation's leaders through the Catholic Leadership 360 performance feedback program, and a week-long conference called, "Toolbox for Pastoral Management."

About the Contributor

Sandra Herron

Sandra Herron is the founding principal and owner of MiddlEdge, Inc., a management consultancy dedicated to helping congregations align their strategy, people, structure, and processes to achieve their vision. She is an experienced adult educator, trainer and facilitator in academic, community, corporate and ministry settings.

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