Opioid Epidemic Practical Toolkit: Helping Faith and Community Leaders Bring Hope and Healing to Our Communities

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.


This 24-page toolkit from the Department of Health offers opioid-awareness resources for faith-based organizations.


explanations; links to resources; suggested first steps in seven key areas: open your doors, increase awareness, build community capacity, rebuild and restore, get ahead of the problem, connect and collaborate, federal resources

Recommended Audience

staff and benevolence ministries, addiction support groups, and outreach teams



Practical Applications

  • Consider how your congregation can be part of the opioid solution by sharing with a team and discussing “ What did you learn? Where could we start?”
  • Learn how congregations are addressing the opioid crisis by considering the various tools within the toolkit.

About the Contributor

Jon Swanson

Jon Swanson is a resource consultant with the Center for Congregations. He is a chaplain at Parkview Regional Medical Center, a consultant, and an adjunct faculty member of spiritual formation and church management at Bethel College. 

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