Postmodern Youth Ministry: Exploring Cultural Shift, Creating Holistic Connections, Cultivating Authentic Community

by Tony Jones. Zondervan Publishing House, 2001.

This resource explores the shift from modernity to postmodernity, addressing how congregations can minister to youth and apply scripture to a postmodern context.


overview of postmodern ideas, principles, and culture; discussions of community, evangelism, and discipleship; scripture in a postmodern context

Best For

clergy and youth ministry leaders


purchase as a book or e-book

Suggested Uses

  • Gain a deeper understanding of postmodernity by reading the overview of postmodern ideas, principles, and culture.
  • Adapt your youth ministry to the postmodern shift by sharing this resource with youth ministry leaders.

About the Contributor

Brian Witwer

Brian Witwer is the retired director of the Center for Congregations' northeast office. Brian has specialized training in leadership and group process.

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