SAMHSA Information for Faith-Based and Community Leaders: Publications and Digital Products


SAMHSA is a wealth of information and practical tools related to Substance Abuse and Mental Health. This link goes to a list of 50 digital products and publications specifically for nonprofit and faith-based organization leaders. The 50 items on this list address mental health topics from addiction to suicide to grief and gun violence. Many of the 50 items on the list come in both English and Spanish language.


toolkits; fact sheets; articles; posters; wallet cards; safety planning templates; reports; manuals, some available in Spanish

Recommended Audience

pastors, parents, caregivers, youth pastors, family pastors


Varies per service

Practical Applications

  • Share with church leaders who want practical and easily accessible mental health information and tools.
  • Print or order the downloads or products and distribute in your community or church.

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