Saving the Farm: Heartland Clergy Train to Prevent Agriculture Workers Suicides

The Associated Press, May 18, 2023.


This article and accompanying video showcase how some states, like Minnesota and South Dakota, are training rural clergy in suicide prevention to assist their rural church members.


video, article, description of challenges related to agricultural occupations, mental health statistics

Recommended Audience

clergy, lay leaders, church mental health counselors



Practical Applications

  • Learn from this article/video about how some states are training their clergy to be knowledgeable about suicide prevention for agriculture workers in their communities.
  • Consider equipping clergy and lay leaders in your congregation to recognize signs of farm stress, respond to mental health needs, and take steps toward suicide prevention.

About the Contributor

Karen Goley

Karen Goley uses her resource knowledge and relational style to work closely with congregations as a resource consultant and behind the scenes with our robust database of resources and doing project work.  Prior to joining the Center, Karen spent over fifteen years in the human resources field, serving nonprofit and financial services organizations in the Indianapolis area and the suburbs of Chicago.

With faith as her foundation, Karen enjoys spending quality time with her family and is a very proud Purdue University alum.  Having earned a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership and Supervision, Karen put her pride on full display by naming the family pup Mackey- after Purdue basketball’s Mackey Arena.  Boiler Up!

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