Small Group Leaders' Handbook: Developing Transformational Communities

by J. Alex Kirk. InterVarsity Press, 2009.

This resource argues that small groups are all about transformation, providing an overview of small groups based in authentic community.


creation of small groups, group dynamics, prayer and worship, pastoral care, evangelism, mission, reproducing leaders

Best For

clergy, lay leaders, and small group leaders


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Suggested Uses

  • Develop impactful small groups capable of transformation by sharing this resource with small group leaders.
  • Discuss and evaluate the state of your congregation's small group ministry after reading this text.

About the Contributor

Matt Burke

Matt Burke is the director of the Northeast Center for Congregations in Fort Wayne and serves as the Center’s Education Director statewide. Matt has a background in classroom, digital and experiential education. He is passionate about using education to develop deeper faith in congregational participants.

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