The Black Church in the African American Experience

by C. Eric Lincoln, Lawrence H. Mamiya. Duke University Press, 1990.

This book offers a history of the Black Church, highlighting intricacies and demonstrating why it has been the most influential institution of the black community.


history of the Black Church, surveys and interviews with pastors, history of denominations

Best For

clergy and lay leaders, especially those in the Black Church


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Suggested Uses

  • Learn about black history through the lens of the Black Church by reading this book.
  • Grow in understanding of African American culture by learning about one of its oldest institutions.

About the Contributor

Abby Miller

Abby Miller consults with congregations in northeast Indiana as part of her work with the Center for Congregations. With a focus in ministry leadership, Abby is also a consultant on CRG Chat and helps with social media.  

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