The Indispensable Guide for Smaller Churches

by David R Ray. Pilgrim Press, 2009.


Designed to help small church leaders improve their ministry, this book examines small churches from numerous angles ranging from theories to real life examples of congregations. It also gives hints and solutions throughout.


vital ministry areas for the small church, challenges, 30 common characteristics of small churches, how smaller churches think about change

Recommended Audience

Protestant clergy and lay leader


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Practical Applications

  • Increase congregational health by focusing on the four vital ministry areas --- worship, education, care of members, and mission.
  • Gain a deeper insight into the characteristics of the small church by reading the first section of the book which covers theories, profiles of small churches, and case studies.

About the Contributor

Janet Hoover

Janet Hoover is a certified spiritual director in private practice and an American Baptist pastor. She graduated from the University of Indianapolis and earned her MDiv and DMin from Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis. 

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