The Peacemaker: A Biblical Guide to Resolving Personal Conflict

by Ken Sande. Baker Books, 2004.


This book is based off a four-part biblical peacemaking method centered around the New Testament, giving congregations tools to take the first step towards reconciliation.


Peacemaker's checklist, different methods of dispute resolution, guidelines for cultivating a peacemaking culture, list of resources

Recommended Audience

Christian clergy and lay leader


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Practical Applications

  • Take the first steps to resolving conflict by following the Peacemaker's checklist provided.
  • Complete the peacemaking process through reconciliation and by forging a commitment to forgiveness.

About the Contributor

Wendy McCormick

Wendy McCormick is the Center for Congregations’ southwest Indiana director. She has an interest in congregational fundraising and stewardship, including planned giving.

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