The Peacemaking Pastor: A Biblical Guide to Resolving Church Conflict

by Alfred Poirier. Baker Books, 2006.


This scripture-based book offers a Biblical view of peacemaking to help congregations through inevitable conflicts, outlining the steps of peacemaking.


typical forms of church conflict and their causes, steps of peacemaking, how to form a peacemaking church, index of scriptural references

Recommended Audience

Christian clergy and lay leader


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Practical Applications

  • Identify the underlying cause of your church conflict before determining the best course of action and response.
  • Develop a peacemaking church by reflecting on scriptural references included throughout with church leaders.

About the Contributor

Wendy McCormick

Wendy McCormick is the Center for Congregations’ southwest Indiana director. She has an interest in congregational fundraising and stewardship, including planned giving.

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