The Witness: A Black Christian Collective

Drawing on the expansive Black Church tradition, this collective connects personal faith and public righteousness with current day issues of religion, race, justice, and culture from a biblical perspective.


art, articles, blogs, books, conferences, film, music, newsletter, podcasts, and speakers

Best For

any congregation seeking to engage current topics, regardless of ethnic background


free access to podcasts, articles, and blogs; fees for conference registration and purchasing books

Suggested Uses

  • Discuss current justice topics by accessing non-threatening media on the website.
  • Gain greater understanding about how current issues uniquely impact Black communities by listening to a podcast or following the blog.

About the Contributor

McKenzie Scott Lewis

McKenzie Scott Lewis is the director of the Center's northwest office in Crown Point and serves congregations in the northwest portion of the state. A Baptist minister, writer and educator, McKenzie brings energy and experience to engage listeners from all walks of life.

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