To Be A Jew: A Guide To Jewish Observance In Contemporary Life

by Hayim Donin. Basic Books, 1991.


Divided into four parts, this resource provides a comprehensive guide related to contemporary Jewish life for those wanting to reclaim their Jewish roots or have a refresher course in Jewish traditions.


overview of Jewish history, Jewish practices for everyday life, Jewish holidays, Jewish special days

Recommended Audience

lay leaders, congregant


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Practical Applications

  • Review Jewish traditions by reading sections on important holidays and special days.
  • Reclaim your Jewish roots by looking at an overview of Jewish history and traditions.

About the Contributor

Beth Booram

Beth Booram is the co-founder and director of Fall Creek Abbey, an urban retreat center in Indianapolis dedicated to “renewing the contemplative spirit.” In addition, she is a trained spiritual director and author of several books including When Faith Becomes Sight. Beth worked for five years on contract as a resource consultant with the Center for Congregations. 


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