To Serve This Present Age: Social Justice Ministries in the Black Church

by Danielle L. Ayers, Reginald W. Williams Jr. Judson Press, 2013.


This practical guide for the Black Church provides a model for social justice ministries. The book includes examples, justice strategies, community asset mapping, and communication essentials.


justice strategies, training manuals, action steps, sample fact sheets, press releases, and letters to various officials

Recommended Audience

leaders in the African American Churc


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Practical Applications

  • Build a social justice ministry from the ground up by following the model and steps provided.
  • Sustain your social justice work for the long term by looking at solutions regarding funding.

About the Contributor

Katie Lindberg

The retired director of the Northwest Center for Congregations office, Katie Lindberg is a skilled counselor, group facilitator and spiritual director.

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