Toxic Charity: How Churches and Charities Hurt Those They Help (and How to Reverse it)

by Robert D. Lupton. HarperOne, 2011.


Based off the premise that charities more often hurt the people they hope to help than not, this resource recommends a new model for charitable groups that shifts from relief to the spiritual discipline of compassion.


practices of true compassion, listening to those being served, wise giving, recommendations for a new model for charitable groups

Recommended Audience

clergy, lay leaders, and charitie


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Practical Applications

  • Re-evaluate the mission and results of your charity by engaging with the people you are serving and listening to what they truly need.
  • Practice sustainable giving by shifting from relief to spiritual discipline, focusing on empowerment through employment, lending, and personal relationship building.

About the Contributor

Brian Witwer

Brian Witwer is the retired director of the Center for Congregations' northeast office. Brian has specialized training in leadership and group process.

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