Welcoming the Stranger: Justice, Compassion & Truth in the Immigration Debate

by Matthew Soerens, Jenny Hwang. InterVarsity Press, 2018.


This easy-to-read book clarifies the complexities of immigration and provides biblical context for Christians to love their neighbors.


Evangelical perspective from the World Relief organization; historical timeline of immigration to the United States; biblical, political, and legal issues; personal immigration stories; discussion questions; ideas and tools for further learning

Recommended Audience

anyone seeking to understand immigration in the United States; especially Evangelical


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Practical Applications

  • Help your congregation live out their faith beliefs by reading and discussing Chapter 10 A Christian Response to the Immigration Dilemma.
  • Prepare a sermon series about immigration by borrowing anecdotes, facts, and insight from this book.

About the Contributor

Kate White

Kate was the associate director for resources at the Center for Congregations. She managed educational resources and worked to get the best resources into the hands of congregations.

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