A Change of Pastors... and How it Affects Change in the Congregation

by Loren Mead. Rowman & Littlefield, 2012.
Large a change of pastors

A “complicated” phase that “is scary, is challenging, and is full of potential” is how church expert Loren Mead describes the time when changes in clergy leadership occur. Not surprisingly, Mead advocates for appropriate actions during this time of transition, believing that they can lead to better relationships between the new pastor and the congregation. Mead then offers this “guidebook” that shares his advice, research, and thoughts. A congregation can take advantage of this time and accomplish five developmental tasks, including strengthening denominational relationships, helping the congregation recover from the trauma of a pastor’s exit, and completing work that would be harder for a new pastor to do without hurting his or her future with the congregation. This book is a must-read classic. It is appropriate for pastors, lay leaders, search committee members, and congregation members from a variety of traditions who desire a positive and effective interim period.