A Code of Jewish Ethics, Volume 2: Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

by Joseph Telushkin. Bell Tower, 2009.
Large code of jewish ethics

In the Jewish tradition, how does one fully live out the mandate to love one’s neighbor? While this is a summary of Jewish teachings, its topics and sub-topics are examined in more detail. It begins with a broad discussion of ethics found in the Torah, the Talmud, medieval writings, and how they are lived out in modern times. Five broad categories are explored: Loving Your Neighbor, Jews and Non-Jews, Animal World, Matters of Life and Death, and Justice and Tolerance. Each category is formatted into topical sections and paragraphs so that the reader can go directly to a teaching, such as judging others. The tone of the content is both informative and heartfelt. There is enough detail offered to show how these teachings are to be lived out in attitudes and actions.